11th July - 30th July 2019

Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: (09) 638 8965

Adrian Jackman l Laura Williams: Face Time

Facetime, as a title presents us with a modern form of communication in real-time between people. The High-tech, hyper-linked, social media saturated moment we live in today. Adrian Jackman and Laura Williams are artists that draw the viewer into their painterly world's, using historical and technological narratives, and a mixture of nineteenth and twentieth century art reworking, allowing the viewer to see through a different lens.

Both artists investigate narratives that occupy spaces within interior and exterior worlds. Their palette layerings of bright colour, akin to the joy of Mattise's cut out series. Jackman and Williams are collectors of objects who op-shop regularly and recycle found paintings and frames as part of their process.

Jackman continues on from his last series, where the still-life has taken centre stage within a colourful and geometric environment. Layers of objects melded with technology are held up for contemplation through the mirror; - An historic device or symbol created to represent another set of eyes from which to see ourselves, or perhaps a window that glimpse's into the future & past.

Williams, work largely focuses on the concept of "imaginary rooms", places in time that once or never existed, and will never be again. Her paintings are bittersweet like memory itself - nostalgic and emotive, idealised and at the same time dark. Transforming the mundane into art is Williams' specialty. She sees objects as embedded with emotions; physical symbols of days gone by. Many of her works are tributes to lost or imagined moments.

More work to be added contact the gallery for the complete exhibition catalogue.

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Still Life with Flowers No 2 Emoji (i) Dutchess County: Pond Friendship
Plantation Drive, 1943 Emoji (ii)