7th July - 24th July 2018

Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: (09) 638 8965


takes it’s reference from the popular hand game and refers to the medium, technique, process and playfulness of the work exhibited.  Many of the works on show explore the affinity between playing and art.  During play internal worlds and external reality may converge. Playing, like art, often constitutes a space where one can relax, dream, build, destroy, reflect, reimagine and regain control.

More work to be added.

Architect Dreaming Expressway Skater ii     The Manor Leap Frog
Pancake Rock Bee Acrobats Will You Be Mine
Bus Stop Under the Hil Circus Circus - De Post Shadow The Observer
Half G and the Pleasure Garden Drift Zone and the Pleasure Garden Fools Gold. Pyrite
Rainbow Hole Carmel Sunset Nebulous 3 Nebulous 4