2nd March - 21st March 2017

Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: (09) 638 8965

Barry Ross Smith: Archipelago

: A sea or stretch of water having many islands.

We are islands in a sea. There is a saying; you can’t enter the same river twice because new water is always flowing. You could also ask, what makes an island, an island? Is it the vast expanse of ocean that surrounds it, its location next to a larger continent or the land itself protruding above the tide-line? The ocean that surrounds us has currents that emcompase the entire globe, and all of the land and islands that we can see and inhabit, are connected by the earth itself, the earth beneath our feet.

This series presents a variety of isolated islands, surveying a range of wild and domestic habitations. In each painting the oceans differ - the sky, the environment, the inhabitants, the time of day - all vary. They are a string of islands in flux; connected by change, demand and the relentless course of history and culture. The paintings can be viewed as theatrical tableau, reflective spaces, which highlight mankind’s communion with land, beast and the encompassing ocean. 

 More work to be added - please contact gallery for a complete list of works

The Edge of the World Buller (After Bill) Hut Caravan
Retreat Natives Trig Station i Waterfront Villas
Trig Station ii The Village