8th September - 27th September 2016

Mt Eden, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: (09) 638 8965

Freeman White & Matthew Carter: New Paintings

Freeman White and Matthew Carter‘s combined exhibition of New Work sees both artists exploring their respective environments. Freeman’s lush, vibrant rolling hills are contrasted by Matthew Carter’s cool, angular rhythms of concrete.

Freemans White’s landscapes are carefully observed studies of light and form which impress upon us the dramatic land forms of Hawkes Bay. Endless ranges are bathed in sunlight, which are contrasted with long and deep shadows, that skillfully provide a visual flow for the viewer to move though.

White’s rolling hills are often intentionally sparsely populated with small clusters or sometime lone trees, allowing us to focus on the formation of the ranges. The trees which do remain are non-native - and speak of the cost at which settling into this area came - and like may aspects of White’s work explore post-colonial notions of beauty.

Complimenting the landform paintings are a smaller series of ‘plein air’ seascapes in which breaking waves are masterfully rendered, providing symmetry to the rolling hills and rugged cliff backdrops. White captures the drama and raw power of the waves effectively - which are suggestive of the constant pressures and influence the surrounding landscape is under.

Matthew Carter
is interested in the spatio-psychology of the city and how individuals relate, and are related, to urban and industrial environments. Carter often brings together unconnected elements (buildings, figures, ornaments, technology) creating new and slightly off kilter spaces. This juxtaposition forges unusual relationships between the figure/artifact and the space it moves through, prompting questions and meta-narratives about ourselves and in an overwhelmingly complex city.

High, unfamiliar and sometimes impossible views are employed to explore the ever changing psychological and special shifts within high density areas. The work engages with elements of co-existence, harmony and tension between people, structure and environment and also aims to question what makes a place authentic or inauthentic.

*More work to be added - please contact the gallery for complete list of works. 

Shore Break, Cape Kidnappers Mahia Clouds Breaking Wave Stormy Weather
Spaces Pool no3, Parnell. Durham St East High Street
Car Park 09 Parker Two Figures Under Awning Longachre Tuki Tuki
Longachre Tuki Tuki Below Albert Street Benches, Wynyard Te Mata Ranges
Garden of Eden (Te Mata Peak) Alley Young Skater