Cathy Carter

Cathy Carter is a photographic and installation artist, based in Auckland. Her work explores bodies of water as physical, cultural, and unique environmental landscapes. Carter’s practice investigates our often complex, psychological relationship to water across different perspectives and geographical locations, utilising digital collaging to create new ways of experiencing these spaces. Carter’s fascination with water often extends into ecological and ethical issues, conceptually drawing our attention to environmental concerns facing our oceans and waterways, as well as drinking water.

Carter is a graduate of AUT University with a Master of Art and Design (Hons) 2013 and has been a regular finalist in the Wallace Art Awards (2018, 2017, 2016, 2014), the international HeadOn Portrait Prize (2018, 2016 and 2015) and the Walker and Hall Waiheke Art Prize (2018, 2017, 2016). Carter’s work has regularly been exhibited in across New Zealand and Overseas and is held in a number of distinguished public, private and corporate collections including The Wallace Arts Trust and the Parliamentary Art Collection, in New Zealand.

Napili, The Bathers Waikiki #2 Bathers Pauanui,Cyclone Cook, White Water Pool side Immersion Emergence #9
Immersion and Emergence #1, Immersion Emergence, Radiating Ripples Reflections of Motu-O-Kura Reflections of Motu-O-Kura #2
Pink Motu-O-Kura Infra_Moana, 2018 Immersion Emergence Icebergs #2
Dyamene (one who can) La Bulle (the bubble) Idyia # 4 Curl Curl Bathers 2019
Pounamu Rapids, 2019 Motu-o Kura, Eventide, 2019 Rolling Surfers, Coromandel 2019 Tamarama Bathers, 2019
Light Bending Zip Ultra Moana, 2019 Noon Tide Surfers 2019 Liquid Zips