Neal Palmer

Born in London 1968, with a BA Hons in Fine Art from Trent University painter Neal Palmer was encouraged to experiment, his practice evolving from painting to printmaking and then installation. Working as a prop maker and scenic artist in film and television after graduating Palmer lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Australia and in 1998 settled in New Zealand.

Coming to terms with the natural environment of his new home the artist engaged in painting again to great success, finding a strong affinity and emotional nostalgic response from the native flax.

With a consistent interest in blending colour, pattern, texture and abstract forms Palmer has consistently developed and perfected  the illusion of a photographic depth of field.  Allowing his work to slip in and out of pictorialism and abstract flatness; creating a tension between the painting’s surface and the illusion of space. Aspiring for his work to be relational “on as many levels as possible” and passion for quality “mark-making that lifts the painting beyond the material world” is what drives this artist.


Finalist, Wallace Art Awards 2013, work purchased for collection.
Finalist and ‘Merit Award Winner’ Molly Morpth Awards 2010
Finalist, Margret Stoddart Prize 2008
Finalist, Wallace Art Awards 2004 

Selected Publications:

20 Contemporary Artists of New Zealand 2005 Art Diary published by Saints
Contemporary New Zealand Artists Calendar (2005) published by Saints
Contemporary Artists of New Zealand Calendar 2005 published by Saints
‘Art New Zealand Today’ book of exhibiting artists published by Saints
Contemporary Artists of New Zealand Calendar 2003 (cover) published by Saints


Blue Caravaggio would have loved Magnolias In the Black Light and Dark
Maungawhau spark II Mt Eden Muriwai Maungawhau spark
Shadowplay An Old Flame Pinball Wizard FL
Hide & Seek Degas' Favourite Flower I Degas' Favourite Flower II Bridge
Viridian Shards Sleeping Beauty RBT Meola
Crimson Threads RST Whatipu Though coming a long way they had woven a rich framework with which to blossom
Cos I'm Free, Free Falling Reflecting on Joseph Complex Rhythms From strength and nourishment within the Diaspora new shoots of Tangata Whenua grow
City from Eden Shades of Grey (Horse puzzle) Shades of Grey  - Installation View Hibiscus Tondo iiiiii
Hibiscus Tondo iii Red Gold Dark Horse Phoebe
One Tree Hill Crossing Paths (Studio Shot) Warp  & Weft Sweetner
Gilda Interwoven Archway Studio Shot
Standing Together Can Be Prickly But Difference Is Replaced With Similarities Through Tolerance Established Roots Metropolis Studio Shot II
Precious Spaces Alternate Radiance Garden City Opposites Atract
Rhododendron, Silver Linings St James Drawn to You ii Fall
Crossing Paths Marama Silver Light of The Moon Heart of the Matter
Damper Bay High Hopes High Hopes - Side View You Scratch My Back and I'll Scratch Yours
Gold'n' Horse Brown on Blue Black Beauty Midas Touch
Out of the Shadows Two Worlds Red Fall I Red Fall II
Ash Studio shot New Beginnings Shadow Form
Gilded Driftwood River Gold ARC Dead Red II
Harakeke Cascade   Further Complications Central Thread II Magenta Lattice
Silver Kowhai Red Gold Biorhythms Full Circle By the Light of the Moon
Changing Beauty A Smaller Splash Emerald Prism Light
Space Form Silver Punga Albert Town Ash