Glenys Brookbanks

Born in Auckland in 1948, Glenys Brookbanks completed a Diploma in Teaching at Auckland Teachers' Training College before attending Auckland University's Elam School of Fine Arts, graduating BFA in 1988.

Brookbanks' work is in essence an extension of the Minimalist tradition, employing the reductionist techniques of U.S. artists like Frank Stella and Barnett Newman. However, her work is closer in spirit to that of Agnes Martin, who used the extreme limitations on palette and structure expected of Minimalism to provoke a spiritual, rather than intellectual response to the painted surface.

In works like Brookbanks' Panel; Perforated series - the repetitive perforations in acoustic hardboard create the structural basis for a Minimalist approach, which is repeated through the application of thick graphite line. This hard-edged style is then humanised by the soft rubbing of graphite and the painting of tempera on gesso in a manner that subverts the mechanics of the grid with colour and curve. As a result, the regularity of line and hole mixed with the softness and delicacy of palette provides a more organic, tranquil and meditative quality than one would expect from the traditional minimalist framework.

Glenys Brookbanks has participated in numerous group and solo shows and her works are held in various public and private collections throughout NZ, including Te Papa Tongarewa, the Wallace Art Trust Collection and the Gibbs Collection.

Pavilion V (Western Springs) Pavilion IV (Big King Reserve) Pavilion II (Potters Park) Pavilion VIII (Western Springs)
Pavilion VII (Watling Park) Pavilion XIV - 50 Hillsborough Road Pavilion X - Botanical Gardens Viewed From the Antipodes Pavilion XIII - Waiting for Alberto Cadoppi
Waiting for Giotto: Negatives Blue Paper - Panel 2 Catalogue #2 (2004) Catalogue #4 (2004)
Catalogue #5 Large Panel (Evening & Morning 2004) Red & White Box Panel III Red & White Box Panel II (2005)
Red & White Box Panel I (2005) Round Panel on Legs Block Painting 4 (2000) Panel on Legs (2000)
Waiting for Giotto: Cardboard Box Waiting for Giotto: Positives Waiting for Giotto 4 Waiting for St Francis
Waiting for Giotto ( Perforated sides). Side View. Waiting for Giotto. Panel Wine Box Waiting for Giotto 2
Noah WFSF Installation shot 1 Waiting for Giotto ( Perforated sides ). Front View Waiting for Giotto
Waiting for Giotto (Grid on Damask) WFSF Installation shot 2 Black and White Panel #2. Paper Panel
Perforated Panel, Tempera I Perforated Panel, Tempera I Finding Giotto Finding Giotto: Side Profile
Finding Giotto, Authentic Sites (Wood & Zinc) Boogie Woogie On (with Framing Detail) Decent Dada Mauve on Zinc
Red on Zinc Silk Fibre on Paper Finding Giotto, AC, (Wood, Gesso & Zinc) Finding Giotto (In The City)
Continuing Practice: Perforated Panel with Grey 3 Legs Panel: A Continuing Practice Continuing Practice (Box Panel Wide) Continuing Practice: (Wall Panel: Green)
Continuing Practice (Box Panel Tall) A Continuing Practice - Drawing Continuing Practice:  (Wall Panel: Blue) Continuing Practice:  (Wall Panel: Grey)