Samantha Lissette

Samantha Lissette’s work explores the relationship between ‘designed’ elements in the natural world and man's adaptation of them - merging organic and constructed ideas, exposing an innate link between the two.  There is a strong narrative quality to her sculpture, questioning aspects of the human condition; often employing humour or irony, bringing a sense of playfulness and delicacy to a medium traditionally associated with weight and substance.

Samantha exhibits regularly throughout NZ and internationally. Her work is in public and private collections across New Zealand and China. Lissette has received public and corporate commissions for her work and works extensively in all scales of the bronze medium, from the monument to the miniature.

Divided Self Grasslands Ant Katybird Scatter
Hello, Good Morning Stag Riding The Wind (Big Bird) Egg Chair
Atta Mediae 3 Atta Mediae 1 Atta Mediae 2 Atom Ant #5
Flight Bird on a Limb Bird on a Wire Bird on Kofi
Innocence Koi Climbing Koi Bird on a Kofi
Atom Ant #6 Out of the Rabbit Hole. Scarab Grassland Insects
Grassland Beetle Little Blue Penguin Acrobat Rat Leap Frog
Bee Acrobats Will You Be Mine Seated Frog
Birdhead Waxeye Birdhead Richard III (Detail) Flora's Limbs
Fan Pair Indentity and Perception