Amanda Watson

Amanda Watson is an emerging artist who holds a BFA from the Elam school of Art and currently lives and works as an artist in Raglan. Watson regularly exhibits across New Zealand and overseas, her work features in collections both nationally & internationally and she is a current finalist in the 2015 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award 2015.

Amanda’s work experiments with ideas surrounding ‘traditional landscape painting’ and the ways in which we think of and have thought of ‘land’. Landscape elements are hinted at but on closer inspection the brushwork can be read in a purely abstract way - a combination of abstract brush marks, an illusion of surface and depth. Hard edges cutting through and contrasting with the ethereal blended paintwork, brings a sense of perspective.  

Other elements of traditional landscape painting are played with; foreground and background, horizon lines, landforms, movement, light, water, scale, and depth.  The combination of dry-brush and softly blended paintwork produce a field of related contrasts. Watson’s often organic and earthy palate hint at the heart of her ‘landscapes’ and Amanda’s particular interest in ‘the spiritual’ or things beyond or behind the natural world - in essence making the unseen seen; reflecting an unseen presence that our land holds that language is insufficient to describe.


Uneccesary Detail Uneccesary Detail II Lifting Biomorphic Ancestral Portrait: Halo
Halo II World 1 Biomorphic ancestral portrait: Quiescent Prominence Duchess Edith
Biomorphic Ancestral Portrait: Supernova Fitzroy Mahia Exposed
Moving Out The Earth Cradles The Ground Gives up a New Song Refraction
The Seas Open Nestled Routeburn Track:  When you listen it's alive with sound Walking in the bush: Fiordland
Biomorphic Ancestral Portrait: World ii Biomorphic Ancestral Portrait: World iii The Underneath The Inner Workings
Landscape Versus Place i