Marcus Capes

English born but New Zealand based Capes, combines ink, graphite and enamel creating a dynamic a surface reaction and tension. The artists process allows and even encourages trial and error, while finished works look polished and reference a more organized spectral method.

Capes’s often monochromatic work is instantly striking in form with a slower burning complexity, both on and beyond the surface. His compositions are meticulously executed with a patient hand and play with geometry and the eye's ability to read - and misread - positive & negative spatial play.

Capes work explores themes of nationalism, national identity and individuality in a increasing globalized world, often rejecting and embracing ideals of aestheticism simultaneously.

Capes has been involved in a number commercially and critically successful exhibitions in both the UK and New Zealand, including being a finalist in the COCA Anthony Harper Contemporary Art Award, 2009, Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Award Finalist in 2008 and curating Art-on-the-edge Memory, 2010 in the United Kingdom.

Marcus has work in private and corporate collections in the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand and Australia as well as the public collection of the Waikato Museum and Art Gallery.

3am Eternal Time Is On Your Side I Can See Clearly Now She's A Star
Desert Rose In Search of a Rose I Love The World We Gotta Get Out of This Place
Too Close To Home Flight Of The Bummblebees Untitled Study #2 Stars and Stripes
Suspicious Minds Out of Time Corn Circles April Skies
Spellbound A Study for the Wholly Trinity Square Star Shattered Illusions
Squeeze Box